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Otaku Hub for Android

Otaku Hub provides all anime and manga lovers an easy way to access all their favorite manga, anime and forums through it's embedded bookmarks and well optimized immersive views.
  • Get the latest anime news.
  • Read manga.
  • Watch anime (fullscreen HD playback support).
  • Explore forums.
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Save images to storage

the websites linked in the app were carefully chosen on the basis of their popularity, content and mobile view optimizations.
(stick around coz it's gonna get much better)

This page maintains the latest builds for this app.

Latest updates:

Download version 3.0

v3.0 changelog:
OtakuHub is now completely adfree!

Download version 2.5

v2.5 changelog:
Added option to view, share and edit URL.
Added forward option for page navigation.
Reduced ads.

Download version 2.4

v2.4 changelog:
Added option to save images to storage(long press to save)
Various ui improvements.

Download version 2.2

v2.2 changelog:
removed ad popups on app minimize/pause(damn that was irritating).

Download version 2.0

v2.0 changelog:
added bookmarks/favorites support (tap the heart icon to add the current page to bookmarks, which would then show in the navigation drawer menu)
changed some minor ui elements

Download version 1.5

v1.5 changelog:
added zoom controls(pinch to zoom)
minor bugfixes

Download version 1.0

Disclaimer: All the websites visible in the app belong to their rightful owners and my app simply accesses them like any other normal browser would. I am not responsible for any content hosted on those websites.


  1. If possible, include a night mode?? And more sources for manga and anime like mangareader and kissanime. :)

    1. Those are good suggestions, I plan on adding more sources in the coming updates and as for the night mode, I don't see that working out that well, most of app follows a dark theme as of update 2.4 but as for the webpages, it's kind of not possible since all the manga usually have a white background covering the whole screen and the only option would be to invert the page colors which would be retarded. I guess I could atleast add a bluelight filtering + reduced brightness option.

  2. I want download anime episode from through otaku hub. would anyone guide me? Any help would be appreciated.


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