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Privacy Policy

. : powered by Google's blogger and I am not responsible if it tracks you or collects your information, neither am I responsible for any information of yours which may be gathered by the third party websites (websites for which I may have included links on this site for your use and reference), since the privacy policies of these sites may differ from my own.

Nocturne Music Player:

Nocturne uses Firebase analytics to gather some basic user data(default data collected by firebase) such as device id, usage time, country, app crashes etc. The sole purpose of this data is to provide better user experience and to monitor crashes and misbehavior. your privacy is extremely important to us.
Some permissions explained:
1. read phone state: auto-pause on the event of a phone call.
2. bluetooth: used for connecting with bluetooth devices.
3. wake lock: prevent phone from sleeping during playback.
4. record audio: required for audio visualizer
5. write settings, write external storage, modify audio settings: required for setting ringtones.
6. access network state: check for data connection.
7. internet: ads and analytics.


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